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The RS1 Ring Scanner redefines point and shoot scanning. It's the revolutionary laser scanner you slip on your index finger-and then go to work: Point your finger, activate the scanner with a squeeze of your thumb and the RS1 reads bar codes from four to 30 inches/10 to 76 cm, even poor quality bar codes.

Liberty Systems offers a large inventory of new and refurbished Symbol products and DEPOT REPAIR SERVICES. Please call 800-585-9030 or send us an email for more information.

+ Lightweigt + Finger-Mounted for WSS Series
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Liberty Systems offers a large inventory of NEW, NEW SURPLUS and REFURBISHED Symbol products and DEPOT REPAIR SERVICES.

Please call 1-800-585-9030 or send us an email for more information.

Revolutionary Ergonomics and Performance for Truly Hands-Free Scanning

The RS1 Ring Scanner is activated by pressing the thumb against a button at the base of the wearer's index finger. A red and green LED on the ring confirms the scan. Weighing less than 1.7 ounces/48 gm, the RS 1 is so light it can be worn indefinitely without fatigue. And, at just .9 inches/2.3 cm high, it's compact enough to avoid bumps and knocks; but even when it doesn't there's a scratch-resistant coating to protect the replaceable window. Its Mylar® scan element is not only super small and lightweight, it's frictionless, so there's no wear and tear on the moving parts.

The mount for the RS1 features an adjustable strap, allowing it to fit fingers of all sizes, and because it's reversible it works equally well for right- and left-handers. With user safety in mind, Symbol has designed the ring scanner to break away from the finger at under 20 pounds/9 kg of pressure.

Expand the Capabilities and Flexibility of Your Existing Terminals

A single lightweight cable connects the RS 1 Ring to a wide variety of data collection and transmission devices from Symbol Technologies or other manufacturers. It connects to portable data terminals, such as Symbol's popular PDT 3100 and 3300 Series, as a replacement for the scanner worn on the back of the hand; to portable pen terminals, uch as Symbol's PPT 4600 Series; and even to stationary terminals, such as PCs and retail POS registers. A retrofit with the RS 1 is a cost effective way to extend the life of your investment by adding hands-free scanning capabilities to your existing terminals.

More than a Scanner, the RS1 Ring Can Be Part of a Wearable Productivity System

The RS1 is also a primary component in Symbol's WSS 1040 Wearable System. In this application, it connects to an integrated computer and wireless radio worn on the forearm. The WSS 1040 and RS 1 form a complete productivity system with today's most advanced ergonomics, robust data collection capabilities, and wireless communications using Symbol's Spectrum 24® RF technology. What's more, as partof the WSS 1040, the RS 1's low power consumption further enhances productivity because a single battery charge lasts through a full work shift.

Applications Unlimited

Applications for the RS 1 are virtually unlimited. In warehouse and distribution environments, it's ideal for shipping and receiving, order picking, stock pulling and put-away, item tracking, cross-dock transfers, and inventories/cycle counts. Parcel and package delivery companies will put the RS 1 to work doing parcel sortation, tracking and cross-dock transfers. Retailers will use it not only for point-of-sale applications, but for shelf price audits, store transfers and inventory management. There are applications, as well, for manufacturers to track work in process; for freight movers in tracking shipments and managing cross-dock transfers; for passenger airlines in baggage tracking and sortation and inventory services.The RS 1 Ring Scanner. It's simply the smallest, most ergonomic laser scanner in the world. And, it's another breakthrough innovation from Symbol Technologies, the leader in bar code-driven data management systems, with millions of scanners and terminals installed worldwide.

Please call 1-800-585-9030 or send us an email for more information.

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