Symbol PDT7200 Mobile Data Terminal
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Symbol PDT7200 Terminal


Superior Performance and Design

The RoHS compliant Symbol PDT7200 mobile data collection terminal continues the tradition of delivering on symbol’s promise of rugged, reliable computing, thoughtful ergonomic design and high throughput.

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+ DOS or Win CE + Touch-Screen
+ 2D Scanner Option  
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Versatile Communications Built In

An integrated PCMCIA slot and sturdy internal antenna link mobile workers to host-based data and applications over a Symbol Spectrum24® wireless network. With it's voice paging capabilities, workers now only need one appliance, the PDT 7200, to stay in touch with associates while collecting data at the point of activity on the sales floor, at the receiving bay or in the storeroom. The PDT 7200 is equipped with a vibrating pager which can be used to inform the user of successful decode in truck yards, plants and other high-noise areas.

Everything about the PDT7200 is versatile including data transfer. The terminal communicates directly with a host or peripheral device such as a printer via the built-in infrared (IrDA) communications port. The terminal can also use single or multi-slot cradles to communicate with a host computer, modem, or printer.

Large Display Plus Touch Screen Control

With the PDT7200, reading and entering data is easy, even in dimly lit areas or when the terminal is held at arm's length for scanning. The pacesetting top-mounted 1/4 VGA liquid crystal display, the largest and brightest in its class, is angled upward and backlit for comfortable viewing. The display and its convenient built-in touch screen with virtual keyboard are encased in tough polymer that protects them from dust and moisture.

The terminal grip has a futuristic handle-forward design and ergonomic contours that fit the hand snugly. At the first stage of the trigger activates the screen, at the second, the scanner.

The scan engine in the PDT7200 is our high-performance SE 1200HP, which delivers exceptional scanning performance in an impressively small package–one reason the feature-packed PDT 7200 weighs in at just 18 oz./510 gm (21 oz./606 gm for the wireless model) and stands less than 8"/20 cm high. The PDT 7200 is also available in models that read both one- and two-dimensional bar codes.

"Smart Battery" Delivers Plenty of Power

For maximum operating convenience, the PDT 7200 comes with a high-capacity, quick change 7.2V, 1600 mAH "smart battery" that signals when to recharge. Back-up power maintains data in RAM for up to five minutes while the battery is being replaced. The terminal slips into an optional single-slot or multi-slot cradle for battery charging and data transfer. Batteries can also be recharged with the separate multi-slot battery charger.

Every PDT 7200 is built tough to withstand multiple 4ft/1.2m drops to concrete. For industrial environments, the terminal can be housed in a protective boot that enables it to withstand 6 ft/1.8m drops to concrete.

The PDT 7200 is backed by Symbol Technologies' worldwide service, repair and support network. Symbol systems are critical to business success in data-intensive, time-sensitive environments because our systems help you capture, access and manage information at the point of business activity.

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